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Summer Hill Botanicals - Herbs de Provence - Culinary Lavender - Lavender Sugar - Lavender Salt

We now carry Lavender Sea Salt which is great on Lamb, Beef, Poultry anything you would

use salt for. Adds a great flavor without being overpowering. $5.95 each

Plus, Garden Spice a delicious mixture which is great on just about everything!

Reminescent of Italian seasoning...only much better!

We can't forget Desert Spice which is great in mexican food or anything you

want to add heat too. Adds flavor a great spicy flavor then the heat kicks in!

Only use in small quantities...

Photograph coming soon!


Herbs De Provence
Great on pork, beef, poultry and vegetables. Use it in place of Italian seasoning or rosemary. 1 teaspoon or less if you prefer per pound of meat. Also try in spaghetti sauce, pizza, baked and smashed potatoes. Anything!
$5.95 each


Culinary Lavender
Great to use in icing, ice cream, pudding, salads and in baking of breads, scones, muffins. It is endless!
Recipe card for the Lavender icing is included when you purchase this item.
$5.95 each


Lavender Sugar

Great to sweeten anything you would use ordinary sugar for. The lavender gives the sugar flavor- not a strong flavor but a nice pleasing one. Use on grapefruit or in pies. Coffee, tea, lattes...I like it best to sweeten and flavor chamomile tea.

$5.95 each